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US Flag Vinyl Decal

Display a US Flag on your kayak and vehicle, expressing your appreciation for all it represents.  These durable American Flag vinyl stickers will last for years on your kayak, trailer, or vehicle.

Vinyl US Flag DecalsWhich should you use? The Flag Code does not specify; however, when displayed on uniforms, the blue union is typically forward ("toward the fight"). That practice is generally followed when US Flags are applied to both sides of a law enforcement vehicle. To follow suit, put a flag with the blue union to the left on the port (left) side of a kayak or vehicle, and a flag with the blue union to the right on the other (starboard) side.

The Flag Code section 7(i) stipulates that the blue union is in the observer's upper left corner when the flag is displayed on a wall, so that practice also conforms to codes. Technically, then, for displaying on the sides of a boat or on a trailer or vehicle, either option would be correct.

For a back window, rear trailer panel, or boat transom, a flag with the flue union in upper-left is consistent with the Flag Code.

Measure the space in which you with to affix the decal and choose either 4-inch or 5-inch (the width of the KBF Largemouth Bass logo decal). Clean surface with soap and water and/or remove residues with alcohol and apply to smooth surface for best results. Also review ourHow-To page for advice on applying and removing vinyl sticker and decals.

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