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3x4 Poly ID Sleeve 12-ct

Heavy-duty (4 Mil) clear, reclosable zip-closure KBF Identifier sleeves keep your KBF Identifier clean and dry. The right size for a 2.5 x 3.75-inch tournament ID.

Nothing unusual about these; buy a hundred just like them for thirteen bucks (on sale for eleven) at Walmart. Unless you're shopping for your whole club, just a dozen should do for you and your buddy.

Don't mess up a good bass photo with a torn, soaked, or missing Identifier form. Fill it out, seal it in one of these sleeves, and fasten it to your arm, shirt sleeve, or Hawg Trough with a rubber band or one of those spectra-wrapped elastic hair bands that you can pick up for fifty cents (or free on the ground in about every parking lot, it seems). Or punch a hole above the closure and attach it to your Hawg Trough or belt loop with braided line so if flutters away in a gust of wind, it can't go far.

Keep a supply of spare KBF Identifier Forms in one of these durable polyethylene sleeve, some in your tackle bag and more in your vehicle's glove box. Don't find yourself holding your first 22-inch bass of the day kicking yourself for leaving your ID on the kitchen table.